The High on the Hog Creators on Their Love of LCD Soundsystem

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Photography by Maripol

Karis Jagger and Fabienne Toback, the producers behind the award-winning Netflix food series High on the Hog, talk about their favourite LCD Soundsystem anthem

This article is taken from the Spring/Summer 2024 issue of AnOther Magazine

“We’re into multigenerational stories, so LCD Soundsystem’s Losing My Edge is inspirational for us. There’s a big element in our series High on the Hog about passing the baton, and the song speaks to that idea. We love going to shows, we love dancing and we love an anthem – this song resonates with joy. We’ve seen LCD Soundsystem many times, including at a very sweaty show at the Fox Theater in Pomona, followed by us dancing together in the living room. The song feels like it’s been around forever but it doesn’t sound dated. 

“The lead singer, James Murphy, isn’t trying to be anything but what he is – he is honest and funny. The song talks about finding relevancy in our lives as we get older and continuing to be relevant in our society, which is poignant for us as female producers. It’s also a reminder not to fall for the trope of ‘those silly youths’. Everyone has a story to learn from – we want to stay aware of what’s happening but also bring all the experience and history with us to communicate ideas. With projects like High on the Hog we want to be connectors.” 

The LA-based producer and actor Karis Jagger first met the filmmaker Fabienne Toback at a pregnancy yoga class and a friendship blossomed as the pair ambled through the hills of Laurel Canyon together. Today they’re the force behind the award-winning Netflix series High on the Hog, hosted by the food writer Stephen Satterfield. Based on the culinary historian Jessica B Harris’s book of the same name, the show explores the present-day and little-told historical influence of African Americans on the kitchens and food cultures of the US, from the story of gumbo to the Black Panthers’ free breakfast programme for schoolchildren. Jagger and Toback continue to cook up projects under Hey Sistah, a production company and platform that unites their passions for sharing ideas, food experiences and cocktails. 

Photographic assistant: George Wolf. Production 90 co-ordinator: Lino Meoli. Post-production: Samy’s Camera 

This story features in the Spring/Summer 2024 issue of AnOther Magazine, which is on sale now. Order here.