Film in Focus

Saint Omer, 2022
Design & LivingSaint Omer, the True Crime Film That Tackles Motherhood and Migration
Design & LivingDarren Aronofsky on The Whale and the Second Coming of Brendan Fraser
EO, 2023
Design & LivingThe Harrowing, Oscar-Nominated Film Exploring Humans’ Treatment of Animals
Kevin Hegge, Tramps
Design & LivingTramps: Kevin Hegge’s “Anti-Nostalgic” Film About the New Romantics
Enys Men, 2023
Design & LivingEnys Men, the Eerie Cornish Folk-Horror About a Wildlife Volunteer
The Silent Twins, 2022
Design & LivingThis New Film Tells the Tragic Story of the Welsh ‘Silent Twins’
Design & LivingThe Dardenne Brothers on Their Harrowing Migrant Parable, Tori and Lokita
Infernal Affairs, 2002 (Film still)
Design & LivingWhy Infernal Affairs Is Still Hong Kong’s Greatest Crime Saga
Aftersun, 2022
Design & LivingCharlotte Wells on Aftersun: “Grief Doesn’t Exist without the Joy”
Triangle of Sadness, 2022
Design & LivingRuben Östlund on the Realism and Black Humour of Triangle of Sadness
This Is National Wake, 2022
Design & LivingThe Remarkable Story of South Africa’s First Multiracial Punk Band