Film in Focus

Janet Planet, 2024
Design & LivingJanet Planet, the New A24 Film About an Enmeshed Mother and Daughter
Problemista, 2024
Design & LivingProblemista: The Most Wildly Imaginative Comedy of the Year
In Camera, 2024
Design & LivingIn Camera: A Dreamlike, Disturbing Portrait of an Actor in Freefall
The Nature of Love, 2024
Design & LivingThe Nature of Love Is a Subversive Rom-Com With Female Passion at the Fore
Green Border, 2024
Design & LivingGreen Border Is an Urgent Wake-up Call on Europe’s Refugee Crisis
I Used to Be Funny, 2024
Design & LivingRachel Sennott: “A Lot of Humour Comes From Dark Moments in My Life”
Four Little Adults, 2024
Design & LivingFour Little Adults, a Poignant Film About an Open Marriage
The Beast, 2024
Design & LivingGeorge MacKay Has a Thing for Playing Complex Characters
La Chimera, 2024
Design & LivingJosh O’Connor Says La Chimera Is a “Deeply Political” Film
Slow, 2024
Design & LivingSlow: An Electric Film About an Asexual Love Affair
Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry, 2024
Design & LivingBlackbird Blackbird Blackberry, an Unexpectedly Tender Film About Intimacy