Ananda Pellerin

Ananda Pellerin is a London-based writer and regular contributor to

1. AN46_AT_17
Design & LivingThe High on the Hog Creators on Their Love of LCD Soundsystem
Buttermilk fried chicken
Design & LivingThe Lockhart: Perverting the Thanksgiving tradition
26 July 2001, Amsterdam, NL, 15.15-17.00
Art & PhotographyHans Eijkelboom on Photography for Aliens
Citrus shochu, rose vermouth, yuzu and peach bitters
Design & LivingLondon Design Festival: London's 6 Best Minimalist Restauran
Finnish archipelago bread and chef's butters
Design & LivingLondon Design Festival: Design and Dine with Wrong For Hay
Lamb with onion
Design & LivingTyping Room
Boundaries by Harley Weir
Art & PhotographyBoundaries by Harley Weir
Sardines, capers and raisins
Design & LivingInto the Wild with Angela Hartnett
Half lobster with jersey royals
Design & LivingAfter the Archers at Primeur
Henry Wessel, Incidents No.27
Art & PhotographyHenry Wessel’s Incidents
Romania, from the series Gypsies, 1968, printed 1980s. The A
Art & PhotographyJosef Koudelka’s Gypsies