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Apple of my Owl

We unveil our favourite post on AnOther Loves, and interview its Lover

Apple of my Owl
Apple of my Owl

Franny Zywicki and her Apple as Owl as Apple is this week's Most Loved

Here at AnOther, we have a bit of a thing for creative representations, particularly if the results are edible. We’ve admired Ida Frosk’s Art on Toast, enjoyed Cintascotch’s illustrations around clementines, sculpted fashion from leaves and colour swatches from bacon and eggs. So it’s no surprise, at the end of a week that began with a Five a Day Happy Monday, that it is this wonderful, if inexplicable, Owl of My Eye that won the Loves vote, as chosen by AnOther contributor and curator of the putyourpawsup tumblr, Franny Zywicki.

While the image may have been created as a visual joke, together its components form an interesting confluence of symbolism. In the Christian tradition, the apple is both the key to worldly knowledge and, in its tantalising form, the irresistible temptation that leads to Adam and Eve’s Fall. In Scandinavian folklore, the apple is the symbol of renewal and eternal youth; the food of the gods, keeping them youthful until “the end of the present cycle of the universe”. The owl is also synonymous with knowledge – being the sacred bird of Athene, Greek goddess of wisdom – and a fall of sorts, as it was the owl who witnessed Persephone swallow the pomegranate seeds, and denounced her to Hades, consigning her to the Underworld for six months of the year, and thus creating the seasonal switch from summer to winter. This particular picture is therefore a both a witticism and a configuration of two powerful ancient symbols – you can take it whichever way you like.

As it’s Friday, we’re simply going to enjoy the fun of it, so here we speak to Zywicki about her plans for a library tree house in LA and a passion for all things tropical.

Why did you Love this Apple/Owl combination?
I think it's absolutely brilliant when something so mundane and normal that we see every day (the apple) surprises us with a work or art, or a spot of beauty. There are so many amazing things I see daily and I don't fully appreciate how beautiful they are. I am currently working on a collaborative project where this plays a huge part!

Where would you keep either apple or owl should you own them?
The owl I'd keep in my jungle garden – which I don't yet own, but when I move to LA, I’ll make sure I do. He will have his own library tree house, which he can muse in, and come out when he likes. The apple can be dried and used as the face of the owl picture I have taken and put it in a frame. Food art?

What is your dream pet?
Well, this is impossible, but I'll say a lion with amazing paws and a huge mane. If I could keep him as a cub forever I would, but that's impossible. I would also settle of course for a panther, jaguar, cheetah, lynx, leopard and wolf. But in real life, I’ll have a Finnish Lapphund please. 

What is your favourite fruit?

Tropical everything – papaya? Or maybe watermelon? Or even pomegranate? Don’t make me choose.

What – if any – New Year's resolutions have you made?
I have decided to meditate this year, and have a totally work focused year, and set up all my creative endeavours ready to launch in 2015. I also want to cook more, and eat healthy.

What are you looking forward to about 2014?
I’m already obsessed with 2014. I woke up on the 1st of January in Tulum, Mexico feeling totally ready for the year. All my horoscopes and number charts say this year for me is for working hard, preparing and making my home a love nest of creativity. Most importantly I’m looking forward to staying this happy for the whole year and travelling to some awesome places.

What was the last thing you bought?
It was a Mac Book Air – my silly little laptop decided to wimper on me, so I have taken the plunge, and I am so excited for its arrival into my world. I'm going to blog for England on my new Retina display.

Text by Tish Wrigley

Tish Wrigley is the AnOther assistant editor.


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