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Illustrations Around Everyday Objects

Specially chosen by the AnOther team to make your Monday a little easier

Satsuma lungs
Satsuma lungs © Cintascotch

Our next Happy Monday is an imaginative play on the amusing and surprising similarities between certain objects and organisms

This week's Happy Monday comes courtesy of Ecuadorian artist and illustrator Javier Pérez Estrella AKA Cintascotch, whose delightful artworks use everyday objects as the starting point for imaginative illustrations. Playing on the amusing and surprising similarities between certain objects and organisms, in terms of shape and appearance, Cintascotch's is a joyful world of flower-trumpeted gramophones, straw-wielding Charlie Chaplins and satsuma lungs. Here we bring you our favourite pieces, sourced from Cintascotch's brilliant Instagram feed, to cheer up a rather chilly Monday.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday

Leaning against a grapeless tree
Leaning against a grapeless tree © Cintascotch
Flower gramophone
Flower gramophone © Cintascotch
Charlie Chaplin with Straw
Charlie Chaplin with Straw © Cintascotch
Oreo globe
Oreo globe © Cintascotch
Balloon lightbulb
Balloon lightbulb © Cintascotch
A notebook dinosaur
A notebook dinosaur © Cintascotch
A hermit crab
A hermit crab © Cintascotch
Grape balloons
Grape balloons © Cintascotch
Loo roll truck
Loo roll truck © Cintascotch


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