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Alasdair McLellan's Ultimate Clothing Company

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Guests at the 1972 Rothschild illuminati party held at the Château de Ferrières

Google, Volume One

AnOther Magazine S/S14

Gosha Rubchinskiy for Camper AW14

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Introducing Russian designer and visual artist Gosha Rubchinskiy for the the latest CAMPER TOGETHER collaboration, following in the footsteps of Bernhard Willhelm, Romain Kremer and Veronique Branquinho.

Loved by Dan Thawley and 3 othersdanaa, Sarah.Franz, Socius Ars
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Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star, 1996

Chanel ski lift

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Schiaparelli Zodiac Jacket AW '38-39

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Embroidery by the Maison Lesage, France. Sold for £110,000 at Kerry Taylor Auctions, London.

Loved by Dan Thawley and 14 othersMandi Lennard, Daniella Negromonte, blake, Pmarincola, anna_atf, whynot, ororo, maggie black, ras, S_Telford, mitziga, Tiffany Phillips, Ellie Grace Cumming, Shir Ventura
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