A Flamboyant Gucci Handbag Fit For the Gods

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Styling by Rebecca Perlmutar

Unashamedly extravagant and crafted from sky-blue leather, we consider an accessory that could have been designed by Dionysus himself

TextHannah TindlePhotographic EditorHolly HayPhotographyDavid Abrahams

Dionysus Bamboo large appliquéd leather tote by Gucci

Sky-blue calf leather, push clasp-fastening, natural bamboo handle, 23 x 34cm

For those not versed in Hellenic studies, the Greek god Dionysus was a deity in many capacities: as the god of wine, the god of fertility and the god of fruitfulness, excess and abundance, suffice to say he certainly appreciated a raucous party. The consumption of wine was, therefore, an integral part of Greek culture, with the cult of Dionysus the primary impetus for unrestrained and hedonistic revelry occurring across cities of the ancient world.

Attendees to the never-ending toga party channelled the ethos upheld by their idol via lavish ensembles complete with botanical wreathes worn atop their heads. This maximalist sensibility is mirrored in Gucci’s sky-blue leather bag, finished with a glorious technicolour flower appliqué, kitsch bamboo handle and bejewelled tiger’s head detail. Perfect for turning heads at any event (or concealing a generously sized hipflask), the bag is aptly named after Dionysus himself who, just like this accessory, certainly couldn’t comprehend the meaning of ‘enough’ – but was never anything less than fabulous for it.