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Collier Schorr on Kate Moss

As the quartet of AnOther Magazine covers starring Kate Moss are revealed, we go behind the scenes with photographer Collier Schorr to discuss the day that created her shot

Collier Schorr & Kate Moss
Collier Schorr & Kate Moss Courtesy of Collier Schorr

Collier Schorr had only met Kate Moss once before this cover shoot – in the ‘90s, for a “day in New York type thing” shot by Patrick Demarchelier for Harper's Bazaar. Fifteen years on, they met again to shoot one of four cover stories for the latest issue of AnOther Magazine. The resulting images see the stunning sensuality of fashion’s most famous face merging with the imagination and flair of Schorr to create a fashion story of cinematic scope and beauty, that elegantly plays on the issue’s theme of obsession.

As the quartet of covers are launched, we spoke to Schorr about her first memories of Kate and what she would consider her own obsessions, alongside an exclusive image taken at the end of the shoot day in London.

What was your highlight from the shoot?
In a way the highlight was hanging out in the dressing room with Kate and Katy England and talking about clothes and bodies and tattoos and ideas about making pictures. Without that real time together, I'm not sure we could have gone as far as we did in one day. It was like we shared a mission.

How was it working with Kate Moss? 
At some point I just trusted Kate and held on. She moves so fast, like an actress trying out a scene from a few different angles. And because she is so present and such a chameleon you don't get stuck analysing. You just shoot and talk and trust that it will all line up in the end. It was the first time we had shot together but a long time ago I was asked to pose in a picture with her, for Harper's Bazaar in the 90s. It was a day in New York type thing and Jack Pierson and I were the "NY artists". She actually remembered my face but wasn't sure from where until I showed her the Patrick Demarchelier polaroid. We had a good laugh. I said I got the call every girl waits for but me, and yet there I was modeling for a brief moment.

"At some point I just trusted Kate and held on...Kate is so present and such a chameleon you don't get stuck analysing" — Collier Schorr

What does Kate Moss mean to you?
Kate somehow seems elusive. In fact I'd never made a fantasy in my mind about her because she seemed to exist in another world – until AnOther brought us together. I think she gives an incredible amount and I literally felt I was someone else after the shoot. Someone stronger from seeing her strengths. But I was also really privileged to see her working with Katy England, because they have such a great routine together, like a comedy team almost, teasing and joking; maybe the kind of girls who would switch places if they had been twins.

What does the idea of obsession mean to you?
Obession used to always mean wanting to shoot a Calvin Klein ad. I was obsessed with the women in CK ads and the power they had.

What obsesses you?
I'm obsessed with the idea that you can sum it all up.

Do you collect anything?
I guess I collect pictures of women. But I only started recently.

Collier Schorr shot one of four Kate Moss covers for AnOther Magazine A/W14, out now – buy it here.