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#WordWeek: AnOther's Fashion Owns...

We present a fashion version of Vuk Vidor's iconic Art History work

AnOther's Fashion Owns...
AnOther's Fashion Owns...

We have long been inspired by Serbian-born, Paris-based artist Vuk Vidor's Art History work. The screen printed mural uses each line to define the trademarks of 53 iconic artists. RUSCHA OWNS WORDS; DUCHAMP OWNS EVERYTHING; SHERMAN OWNS HERSELF; GILBERT OWNS GEORGE. It is simple. It is funny. It is brilliant.

We've been desperate to create a fashion version of our own for some time, and it seemed only right to do it during #WordWeek. Presenting 25 leading designers and houses, the AnOther's Fashion Owns list presents 25 key trademarks. CÉLINE OWNS THE NEXT THING; PRADA OWNS UGLY; VERSACE OWNS SEXY.

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Text by Laura Bradley