Shop Girls

Since the first Marc by Marc Jacobs show in New York ten years ago, the industry has closely observed the seasonal casting choices made by the house, using them as an early indicator of which faces would dominate the catwalks of the shows to come in London, Milan and Paris.

The identity of the model on the catwalk, "for this show more than any other, is key," says AnOther Man Fashion Director and menswear stylist for Marc by Marc, Alister Mackie. "As each model only wears one look, and each look is tailored and styled around the model." To be chosen for the show, the models have to embody the spirit of youthful cool; be of strong character; and have an irreverent attitude: "It's the attitude they bring; a sense of ease", says Mackie. "They wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear them. They can perhaps be less conventionally beautiful than other models, but this show is really about models who can project something of themselves through the clothes." To be a model for Marc is an early career coup – we present this season’s winners.

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