Three Instagram Accounts Dedicated to Body Parts

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But I'm a Cheerleader, 1999(Film still) Via @ahistoryoftouches

This Follow Friday we've gathered three accounts that each hone in on one part of the body, to glorious effect

Instagram has proven time and time again to be the perfect platform for documenting the delicious minutiae of everyday life. This, of course, extends to everything – including the details of the human body. The three accounts we present today are far more chic and subtle than #abs or #legday and the like, though; consider them a reminder of our natural selves, and the ceaseless inspiration that bodyparts can provide.


You’ve likely heard of ‘manspreading’ by now, whereby men sit with their legs spaced far apart, much of the time whilst sat on public transport and to the annoyance of fellow passengers. But is this trait exclusive to men? @girlspreading says no. “Why keep those knees together? All hail to women claiming space”, its bio reads. What follows is a feed comprising archive imagery (Kate Moss sat with knees up and cigarette in hand, underneath ‘That’s my bitch’ on the wall is a prime example), regrams from the personal accounts of “serial spreaders” and recent editorials from publications like Vogue and Purple Magazine. Plus some factual tidbits to use the next time you’re stuck in a dull conversation: “Historians may still be divided, but we’re pretty sure that Guy Bourdin was the inventor of #girlspreading.”


Keeping it simple with a one-word bio – “Hands” – @ahistoryoftouches is dedicated to all things manual. Images are sourced from fashion, photography, art, film and design, lending to the feed that elusive and hard-to-strike balance of being eclectic yet refined. Favourites include film stills from Suspiria and Boys Don’t Cry, red hand-prints on a white shirt from Alexander McQueen S/S96, and an Alexander Calder loo roll holder. Though every post is, quite frankly, gold, and they’ll have you convinced that treating yourself to a bi-weekly manicure is money well spent.


Dutifully abiding by Instagram’s ‘community guidelines’, not a single one of @i_spy_vagina’s posts features an actual vagina, and yet, this account succeeds in proving they are everywhere. Post-scrolling through @i_spy_vagina’s back catalogue, you’ll never be able to look at a peach, a tree, a smudge of paint, a bald cat, a hat owned by Kendall Jenner – in short, anything – IRL again without also seeing some yonic forms (don’t say we didn’t warn you). As Instagram’s refusal to free the nipple continues, it’s not likely that genitalia will appear on our screens in the near future, so @i_spy_vagina’s celebration of the female form in this most roundabout yet on-point of ways is very welcome.