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AnOther Take on Birthday Cake

Nothing formalises an occasion quite like cake. Here, some of our favourite artists dish up their own creative interpretations of the classic dessert – marble, plastic, rope and beyond – for our 15th anniversary

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AnOther Birthday Cake
Cake by PUTPUT

"Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake," once remarked the renowned American writer Dean Koontz. And of course, he's right. No other foodstuff is so commonly associated with festive gaiety as cake, with its frangible structure and perversely saccharine palette. With this in mind, we called on five of our favourite creatives – bakers and artists alike, from Clym Evernden to PUTPUT – to whip up their own iteration of the ubiquitous sponge cake to commemorate AnOther Magazine's 15th anniversary. Here's to #AnOther15years