A Planet House

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The intergalactic charm of this small house captures the imagination of AnOther's Lovers

When looking for a house, there are many criteria. Good bathrooms, south facing windows, outside space, room for expansion... the list is endless. But a post on the Loves stream by Present & Correct has complicated matters. Henceforth, inspired by this intergalactic house in the woods all our property searches are headed by a single demand – "must be planet shaped". There are evident problems – the circularity of the sitting room would make it tricky to find furniture, and the only bed option is probably a hammock – but all this is cancelled out by the sheer charm of living in a house styled like Saturn gone Kawaii.

A planet house feels like a new frontier for space style. Humanity has always been inspired by the universe beyond the ozone layer, yet thus far we've stopped short of architectural homage, preferring rather to place references in fashion and music. André Courrèges distilled the 60s space craze into futuristic PVC dresses, white knee boots and square sunglasses, David Bowie sang Space Oddity as his hyper-glam-rock alien creation Ziggy Stardust, while for years teenagers have been sticking glow-in-the-dark stars onto their ceilings in somewhat callow imitation of the night sky. But this is our favourite iteration of space style so far, so in celebration, here we talk to Lover Present & Correct about glittery interior decoration plans, and a love of the Jetsons, alongside more of our favourite cosmic Loves. 

Why did you love this house?
Aside from the fact that it's a pink planet I love that it's in the woods and it looks so cosy too.

Where would you build it if you could set it up anywhere?
On an island in Finland or on top of the Chrysler building where it could rotate.

How would you decorate the inside - intergalactic or strictly earthly?
As much as a Pritt Stick and tubes of glitter would cover. 

Which planet would you pick for your home from home?
Planet Pop.

What is your favourite space moment in popular culture?
The Jetsons! 

Which is your favourite unusually shaped building?
The giant basket in Ohio is incredible. And that cat school in France.

Where do you go for the best interiors inspiration?
Usually Pinterest, the people I follow have nice taste. 

What are you looking forward to about June?
Agnes Martin, the toy exhibition at Walter Knoll and the longest day!