Embracing the Inner Child: Animalium

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PenguinsText © Jenny Broom 2014 Images © Katie Scott 2014 Publisher: Big Picture Press

This Monday, we channel our inner child through Animalium, an illustrated guide to museum exhibits of animals and nature

Christmas is a time for childish revelry; a season where anything goes, from garish jumpers to excessive lighting instalments. And on the last Happy Monday before the big day itself, we're embracing our inner child courtesy of Animalium, a beautiful new children's book, which would make an equally good present for an adult in our opinion. The first in a series of virtual museums from Jenny Broom and illustrator Katie Scott, the book allows you to peruse its galleries 365 days a year and is brimming with curated exhibits and enlightening accompanying text. Each chapter features a different branch of the tree of life – from brightly feathered birds to moustachioed monkeys – with each page unveiling a new visual delight. We hope you enjoy this little gift!

Happy (Christmas) Monday! #anotherhappymonday

Animalium, published by Big Picture Press, is out now.