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Rafael Mantesso's Bull Terrier

Following #InternationalDogDay last week, we thought we'd carry on the canine celebrations by shining a light on one of our favourite dog-centric Instagram accounts by Rafael Mantesso, starring his beloved Bull Terrier, Jimmy Choo

Lady & The Terrier
Lady & The Terrier © @rafaelmantesso

This Happy Monday, we are delighted to showcase the brilliant Instagram account of Rafael Mantesso, editor in chief of Brasilian gastronomy marketing site Marketing na Cozinha. While fine food may rank high on Mantesso's priority list however, another of his great loves is his adorable Bull Terrier, Jimmy Choo, the star of his highly imaginative feed. A talented artist, Mantesso captures his pup against a backdrop of amusing illustrations, accompanied by various props where necessary, to hilarious, heartwarming effect. From Jimmy sharing spaghetti with Disney's Lady, to doing his best Marina Abramobull impression, we hope these pictures will bring a smile to your face.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday

Huggable Bull Terrier
Huggable Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Marina Abramobull
Marina Abramobull © @rafaelmantesso
Super Bull Terrier
Super Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Karaoke Bull Terrier
Karaoke Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Nude Bull Terrier
Nude Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Sleeping Snoopy
Sleeping Snoopy © @rafaelmantesso
Jaws the Bull Terrier
Jaws the Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Bull Terrier
Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Free Palestine Bull Terrier
Free Palestine Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Botticelli Bull Terrier
Botticelli Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso