The Account Charting the Retro Interiors of Murder She Wrote

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Murder, She Wrote(Film still)

Pink carpeting, marble furniture and artificial ferns all feature heavily

It’s no exaggeration to call American crime drama Murder, She Wrote iconic. Leading lady Jessica Fletcher, a mystery writer and civilian detective played by Angela Lansbury, is famed for her bold wardrobe of statement skirt suits and shoulder pads – not to mention the fact that the actress holds the record for most Golden Globe Best Actress wins in a TV drama series. The suspense-filled “whodunit” plot-lines helped the show garner 26 million views per week in its prime, but once hooked by the stories, the elaborate sets helped its viewers sink further yet into its mysterious and exceptionally stylish world of death and deceit. And thanks to Instagram feed @interiorsofmurdershewrote – discovered thanks to a recommendation via Buffalo Zine’s own exceptional account – we can now indulge in the flawless deco-curation of our favourite murder scenes. 

The feed was started by Denver-based artist Tara Pattie and her friends Josiah Josiah, Ryan Pattie and Frankie Bushell. “We all started watching the show and talking about how great the sets are, and the Instagram became a place to drop all the amazing screenshots we had collected,” she says. “80s and 90s references are big right now in many fields of design and fashion – from Memphis Milano furniture to Balenciaga. With Instagram, something kitsch can become a trend very quickly. There seems to be a post-Minimalist thing happening now.” Pastel colours played a key role in 80s decor, and so powder blue walls, mauve sofas and pink carpets are hallmarks here. “The show spanned several decades, and the style changes and gets more 90s as we watch, but our favourites are still the 80s scenes full of lucite, pink carpet, heavy draping, chrome, marble, and ferns.” 

Every feature and object feels considered – from the ornate potted plants and flower arrangements to the geometric paintings to the glitzy candle holders – making this classic crime drama an unlikely source of styling inspo. “We love how extensively the sets are decorated and the use of some amazing designer pieces of the era,” Pattie says. And there’s good news: after a year’s hiatus, the account is now back up and posting again. Prepare to lavish artificial flower arrangements, wicker armchairs and marble and glass concoctions upon your own home.