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Fenella Fielding: A 10-Point Guide for Living

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Fenella Fielding
Fenella Fielding Photographed in her Baker Street flat, 1970s

Advice for living from Fenella Fielding, the vamp pin-up of the 1960s, inspired by Martin Firrell's latest video project

With her dry wit, vivacious laugh and cartoon pin-up features, Fenella Fielding became iconic during the 1960s, running circles around the likes of Noël Coward, Kenneth Tynan and Federico Fellini with her thrill-seeking, sexually-charged vamp roles and quick tongue.

Of Russian and Romanian descent, Fielding has always been a charming blend of assertion and mischief, known mainly for her role as busty mistress Valeria in pastiche horror series Carry on Screaming. Lying seductively on a chaise longue in a red dress, she asks, “do you mind if I smoke?” before disappearing into a smouldering mist. She also starred as the anonymous voice in cult TV series The Prisoner and was a frequent guest on the Morecambe and Wise Show.

As the 1960s drew to a close, so too did Fielding's notoriety, going on to live a very private life, forever preserved in the memory of many as the curvaceous vamp with a Cleopatra bob and a wicked laugh. This week, Martin Firrell launches Metafenella, an interactive video portrait offering guidance for life inspired by Fielding. Here, AnOther presents our top ten favourites:

1. Sexual power is a very big power.

2. Short Men: half the trouble but twice the fun.

3. The power of the breast is well-known.

4. People are very free with their bad advice.

5. Always make the most of yourself.

6. Do not marry somebody evil (no matter how attractive).

7. People who are judgmental lose everything.

8. Don’t make it too sexy.

9. Spying is a rather dangerous career.

10. Thinking of preserving your youth is a terrible waste of your present time.

Metafenella launches at midnight tonight.

Text by Mhairi Graham

Mhairi Graham is fashion writer at AnOther and She also writes for The Financial Times and Wallpaper* and came runner-up in the 2011 Vogue Talent Contest.


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