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Milan Fashion Week A/W14 Words

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Milan Fashion Week A/W14 Words
Milan Fashion Week A/W14 Words

We define the words that defined Milan Fashion Week A/W14

Suits n. A set of outer clothes, typically in the same fabric and consisting of a jacket and trousers. Seen taking the spotlight at Emporio Armani, Versace and Gucci as Milan has an androgynous moment.

Live Orchestra n. Prada's show was soundtracked by by the concert group L’Usignolo, who performed mesmerising music by Ben Frost and Joachim Holbeck under the direction of Frédéric Sanchez, from pockets inside the runway.

Bottega Veneta A/W14
Bottega Veneta A/W14 Photography by Giacomo Cosua
Chalky a. The sensation in your mouth after eating a raw artichoke salad; resembling chalk in texture; relating to paleness of colour. Used to describe the pastel-hued collection palette at Jil Sander and a key colour for Bottega Veneta.

Orchids n. Commonly known as a symbol of beauty and spiritual perfection, orchids graced both the runway – as dainty white corsages pinned to shoulders at Fendi – and on display in scented blooms at the Dior Store and Giuseppe Zanotti presentation.

Over the knee boots n. Skin-tight, over the knee boots, previously seen on the likes of Debbie Harry. The style is having a fashion moment in the form of red, black and gold patterned numbers at Versace, accompanying 60’s styling at Gucci, and in chic patent black and burgundy leather at Tod's.

Shag pile n. Carpet with a long, rough pile, a look particularly prominent at Marni, Agnona, Pucci and Calvin Klein, where dresses, coats and vests were woven into interesting textures.

Bottega Veneta A/W14
Bottega Veneta A/W14 Photography by Giacomo Cosua
Neckpieces n. An article of apparel worn about the neck – seen at Tod's (in the form of two-tone fur collars that resembled the top of a rollneck), Marni (similarly rollneck-esque, ribbed pieces which zipped up at the back), Iceberg (leather buckled pieces) and DSQUARED² (lovely bejewelled neck braces in line with the overall "asylum" theme).

Negroni n. An apéritif comprising one part gin, one part vermouth rosso (red, semi-sweet), and one part bitters, traditionally Campari; the drink of choice at Milan this season.

Kisses n. A touch or caress with the lips. In Italy you kiss twice for hello and twice again for goodbye – multiply that by on average 10 appointments or shows per day and that's a lot of kisses.

Flames n. Hot glowing bodies of ignited gas, generated by something on fire, and prevalent at Roberto Cavalli, where the set was a ring of fire and flames were printed on clothing and the Philipp Plein show, where the set burst into flames in an eye-popping finale.

Compiled by Rhiannon Wastell and Daisy Woodward


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