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AnOther's 2012 Art & Culture Highlights

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Dressed in a striking red leotard, Audrey exercises in the garden
Dressed in a striking red leotard, Audrey exercises in the garden © Bob Willoughby, 2010, Courtesy of Taschen

This year has seen a number of extraordinary stories that fell within the fluid and ephemeral heading of Art & Culture. Here we list our six favourite...

This year has seen a number of extraordinary stories that fell within the fluid and ephemeral heading of Art & Culture. We harked back to the era of movie stars and met Picasso's sausage dog Lump, our mouths watered at the Halloween delicacies created by baker Lilli Vanilli, our eyes marvelled at an exclusive film made for Frieze art fair. In celebration of the eclectic output, here we list our highlights of the year.

1) In February AnOther paid homage to one of the world's most beloved and iconic actresses, featuring a series of personal portraits of Audrey Hepburn taken by Bob Willoughby. Shot over the course of thirteen years, they feature the Breakfast at Tiffany's star both on set and off, trying on costumes, playing with her son and asleep with her fawn Pip in her arms.

Picasso and Lump
Picasso and Lump Photography by David Douglas Duncan

2) AnOther's column The Pets really took shape this year, and one of the highlights was a look into the bond – or rather "love affair" – between Pablo Picasso and his sausage dog Lump. Lump in fact arrived at Picasso's villa as the pet of a friend, but the connection was immediate, and he ended up staying for six years, during which time he was a both a beloved companion, and a favourite subject for the painter.

Travellers Child in London Fields, 1987
Travellers Child in London Fields, 1987 © Colin O’Brien

3) One of the most popular interviews of the year turned out to be with a contributor who could not be named. When, in 2009, The Gentle Author decided to create a blog to record all the facets of the vibrant London community in which they lived, little did they expect for it to become an international phenomenon. But Spitalfields Life, with its intimate portrayal of fascinating East London characters and locations as well as some unsung heroes, has done just that, and in August, AnOther took the chance to interview the mysterious blogger.

Purple, Italy, 2010
Purple, Italy, 2010 Photography by Thomas Jorion

4) As September geared up for the chaos of fashion week, on AnOther we took refuge in the beautiful and mysterious photography of Thomas Jorion, whose Forgotten Palaces series showed the picturesque decline of palazzos in Italy. Abandoned by their owners due to financial constraints, Jorion's shots portray a gentler side of the road to ruin, with crumbling walls and peeling paintwork slowly, inexorably, beautifully, being repossessed by nature.

A sweet Halloween spread
A sweet Halloween spread Photography by Neil Wissink

5) Bleeding hearts and falling angels – common tropes for Halloween; yet more unusual as part of afternoon tea. Lily Vanilli took the seasonal opportunity to upset convention, creating delectably disgusting cupcakes covered in shattered (sugar) glass, a tiered cake, oozing blood, topped with a disconcertingly glistening icing heart.

Frieze 2012
Frieze 2012

6) Frieze London is one of the key art events of the calendar, and this year AnOther celebrated with an exclusive film, created in collaboration with COS and artist Sarah Beeby. Commissioned in honour of Frame 2012 – the section of Frieze dedicated to nurturing young talent – and inspired by the worlds of art and fashion, the unique animation references the ideas, aesthetics and working processes of the artists and the fashion brand.


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