Why We’re Still in Love with Cats and Plants

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Cats and Plants© Stephen Eichhorn

Stephen Eichhorn’s new book dedicated to his signature feline and floral collages is the gift that keeps on giving

“This weird other stuff,” is the phrase that Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn uses to describe his meticulously X-Acto blade-cut collages featuring their namesake subject matter: Cats and Plants. This isn’t the first time AnOther has chronicled the peculiar work of Eichhorn, and it likely won’t be the last; there is little more joyous than to look upon the vacant expressions of feline faces partially obscured by greenery. Besides cosying up with a cat on your lap IRL.

An upcoming book, published by Zioxla and designed by Affaire, has neatly captured Eichhorn’s ever-expanding repertoire in a form that you can take home and nestle on your shelves, to turn to in times of dire need of emotional placation. Including never-before-seen work, this debut tome from the artist is a modern re-imagining of vintage cat sourcebooks, and includes a menagerie of Siamese sprouting nasal cacti, a tabby kitten wreathed in purple blooms, and a fluffy white Persian with eyes blossoming into spidery red petals. Striking a perfect balance between adorable and bizarre, Cats and Plants is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Cats and Plants is released on June 12, 2017, published by Zioxla.