Miniature Sculptures of Bathroom Misdemeanors

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Courtesy of Rebecca Reeves

Artist Rebecca Reeves creates small-scale models of recognisable interiors, and the dirt crimes committed in them

From soap scum and dirty tubs to stray hairs in the plughole, bathroom habits can start a wealth of wars – a fact mixed media artist Rebecca Reeves is only too aware of. "All my work stems from my system of living," Reeves explains. "I struggle with controlling uncontrollable situations." Working in miniature, however, allows Reeves complete authority over her environment, and provides a sphere in which she can master such issues.

For her brilliant Dirt Crime series, for example, Reeves recreated a selection of the many sins a lack of hygiene can cause in a bathroom scenario. The resulting sculptures – of tiny, painstakingly accurate porcelain sinks with long human hairs trailing in them, or even a tiny white toilet dotted with woefully reprehensible yellow puddles – will make for a familiar sight for those who have unwillingly cohabited. What's more, they are unexpectedly charming.

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