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Exposed: The Sensual Side of Frieze 2015

"It was a tactile fair, one that you wanted to touch and lick," muses Polly Brown on her pneumatic Frieze photo series, shot exclusively for AnOther

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21 Sexy Frieze POLLYBROWN_
Sexy Frieze 2015Photography by Polly Brown

Amorous glances, provocative poses and artful erotica made for a titillating Frieze London experience – as evidenced by Polly Brown's inspired photographic portrayal of the scene. Here, London-based Brown, who additionally lensed the official 2015 Frieze Art Fair campaign, reflects on the series and the inspiration behind it... 

"The photographic series is a reflection of the two days that I spent at the fair. I wandered around and just picked up on things that I like; things that repeat; patterns and vibes. This year it just felt super sexy – from the life-like naked nude of John De Andrea’s Cierra and the pinky fleshy water colours of artist Camille Henrot, to the arms and legs of Wolfgang Tillmans. It was a tactile fair, one that you wanted to touch and lick." 

"It was a tactile fair, one that you wanted to touch and lick." – Polly Brown 

"For me, ÅYR collective's Comfort Zone (2015) perfectly summed up this sexy fair. The installation saw visitors draped over duvets with no shoes on, and squished together sometimes 4 to 5 in a bed at a time. Mirroring privacy and intimacy in a public space, it was all pink, yellow and baby blues – tangled iPhone chargers and tangled bodies. I saw someone having a nap, and I even saw two people making out."