Five Good Things: Rainbow Bargains to Brutalist Car Parks

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A Thing of Beauty: Green, 2015
A Thing of Beauty: Green, 2015Artwork by Dawn Ng

Present & Correct picks five of the best of this week's art on the web

This week cows heading to the beach made us long for summer, whilst Dawn Ng confirmed that arranging things by their colour is still very attractive and going nowhere. Read on for three more interesting things from Week 9 of 2015.

Cows are such splendid beasts, with their kind faces and calm demeanour. It’s only right that they should get a day out on the beach once in a while.

Architect Yener Torun AKA Cim Kedi made us want to book a flight to Turkey to see first hand the seemingly endless geometric buildings. Instagold!

Dawn Ng scoured the convenience stores of Singapore and then arranged her finds by colours. The collection is very satisfying and will make you look at your local pound shop in a whole new light.

For those of you that enjoy a bleak parking space, this tumblr is for you. Brutalist car parks in all their glory.

Our final favourite find this week is the work of Jésus Perea. Splendid, peaceful panels of layered colour referencing nothing but their beauty.