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Wonderful Trees

Good Things creates a wunderkammer of the best art inspired by, created from and created for trees

Tree #2, 2006
Tree #2, 2006 Photography by Myong Ho Lee

Here in London there is talk of autumn being in the air, so before the leaves curl up and go off for their winter holiday we honour trees & their verdant state.

Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik captures the delicacy and change in seasons perfectly with his blown glass sculptures.

Trees are very good hiding places, if you happen to be adept at climbing. French photographer Erwan Fichou shot a series of photos of people hiding out in various well trimmed arbres, the tree house deserves an exhibition in its own right.

Leaves might normally be the star of the show but bark can also be jolly pretty. Cedric Pollet collects the spectrum of trees' protective coating perfectly, handily organised by shade.

At a guess we would say that 99% of trees are beautiful and worthy of framing, so thats what Myoung Ho Lee has done. With a simple white sheet as a backdrop, his photos highlight the beauty and fragility of our treasured friends.

A tree house is a quintessential childhood dream which is now also a reality for grown ups. Japanese designers Nendo have blown up the standard bird house model to house humans. Cosy!

Pick your own with a handy snack tree. Just add fruit, sweets, marshmallows for an excellent centre piece.

Bryan Nash Gill loves trees and almost all of his work is inspired by or uses them as a medium. His well known relief prints will make you feel nostalgic for the days when you would count the rings to tell the age of a tree.