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Ice Cream Delights

To welcome the glorious weather, today's Good Things is a refreshing celebration of ice creams

Creamlapse is a stop frame animation by Mateo Cabeza of over 3500 pictures of ice creams and lollies melting. It’s sweet, it’s pretty and it's a little bit melancholy.

Henning Birkeland’s Lego ice creams are the best around. Simple & easy to make at home, Lego should release these as actual ice creams for that would be joyous!

London is bathed in sun this week so we’re offering you a cooling smorgasbord of ice cream treats – it’s a feast for the eyes, and might inspire a trip to the corner shop for more literal refreshment.

The King Kone café is in Perry, Minneapolis. The level of detail is delightful, even if the cherry on top is a little deflated.

Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers make these wonderful super-sized ice lollies out of ceramic, as does Anna Barlow who channels the glory of a vintage sundae in all its technicolour glory, as well as doing a fine line in shoes.

Ace stylist Emily Blunden created ice creams from paint, to showcase a range of new colours in the most imaginative way possible.

Legendary photographer Tim Walker created a series of ‘desserts’ back in 2006. Resistance to an ice cream chandelier is futile.