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Anders Edström on Tennis

Following on from Wimbledon, AnOther speaks to acclaimed photographer Anders Edström about the hypnotic appeal of tennis

Tennis courts, Stockholm
Tennis courts, Stockholm Photography by Anders Edström

"I became interested in tennis when I was about five or six-years-old from watching Björn Borg play. I used to fantasise about becoming a player although I didn't take lessons. It was one of those childhood dreams, to stand on centre court with people watching. I love to watch the battle between two players, it's interesting how it goes back and forth. For myself, I love to just hit a ball with someone or even just against a wall, to get the hypnotic motion. Without counting, just the ball back and forth. To feel the ball perfectly merge with the strings. It makes me forget all worries, it makes me forget about time."

"It makes me forget all worries, it makes me forget about time"

Anders Edström is a Swedish photographer and film director who lives and works in Stockholm. Edström made his name in the 1990s, where he worked closely with Martin Margiela in Paris, photographing some of Maison Martin Margiela’s iconic moments throughout the decade. From there, he began working with Purple Fashion Magazine, Self Service and Dazed & Confused, alongside campaigns for Miu Miu and Ann-Sofie Back. He has also just finished a fashion story for the upcoming A/W14 issue of AnOther Magazine. Here, he shares a beautiful selection of intimate photographs of his family playing tennis in Stockholm.

Text by Mhairi Graham