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Exclusive World Cup Collages by Kalen Hollomon

Football and fashion merge to ingenious effect in these World Cup collages by Kalen Hollomon, created exclusively for AnOther

© Kalen Hollomon
© Kalen Hollomon

For one month in every four years, one topic prevails above all others: football. Despite a disappointingly early exit by England from the competition, the World Cup is yet to loosen its grip on the nation, particularly in light of last night's epic 7-1 victory for Germany against Brazil. In the midst of the drama, and just four days before the winner stakes their claim, we are delighted to present five exclusive World Cup collages by artist and Instagram sensation Kalen Hollomon, which merge fashion and iconic football moments to ingenious, often hilarious effect. Gazza groin-grabs an 80s YSL model, while David Beckham, looking delightfully florid in pink dress, backpack and heels, is issued a red card by a red skirted, glamorously shoed referee. Here we catch up with Hollomon to find out more about his inspirations, his recent commission for Prada x Sternfeld and how he discovered collage.

"It was fun to work with and alter such iconic and masculine images" – Kalen Hollomon

When did you start doing collage and how and when did you incorporate fashion imagery into it – or was it always in there?
I've been collaging and making art since I was a cute little baby. I just found some baseball cards that I collaged with Garbage Pail Kids when I was six years old. I took a baseball player, Kevin Gross, and made it look like he was throwing up all over the place. Kid stuff. Growing up I was terrified of throwing up. I hated it. I am so loud when I do it – it’s like a dark horse. Fashion has always been a part of whatever I'm doing. I celebrate and admire design of all sorts.

What or who would you describe as your key inspirations?
I’m inspired by the hidden unspoken truth inside everyone, tucked beneath the surface. The idea of tapping into a sometimes torrid subconscious, filled with desire and insecurity. People seem happy as long as they feel worshiped. 

What is your favourite picture/project you've worked on?
The most recent Prada x Sternfeld collage I did, a gentleman with a ripe crotch, sitting next to a young man in a suburban setting.  

Had you seen any of the images before?
I had seen them. It was fun to work with and alter such iconic and masculine images.

How did you find the images to composite into the originals?
I had some images in mind right away, but mostly I flipped through new and vintage magazine until I found good matches. 

Which is your favourite of the five and why?
Gazza's groin grab. It worked well with the girl in vintage Armani – and I’ve been holding on to her for a while. She really changed the vibe of the image. 

What – if anything – are you enjoying about the World Cup? Have you watched any of the games?
I've accidentally watched a little bit of the Cup. I would like to watch more.