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Let Us Eat Cake

We're enjoying a sugar high today, as Good Things and Present & Correct serve up a delicious array of cake based creativity

Beccy McCray: Like Fat Kid Love Cake, 2013
Beccy McCray: Like Fat Kid Love Cake, 2013

Julia Child once said, "a party without cake is just a meeting" and she was not wrong. So this week we bring you a virtual festival of baked goods to celebrate the best and most beautiful in the art of cake.

For the Milan Furniture Fair in 2012, Ryosuke Fukusada created a cake pan which churns out little chairs, tables and sideboards. Icing them would be so much fun, eating them even more so.

"Imagine if your nan, who was heavily influenced by 80s and 90s hip hop, tried to make you a really nice cake" This is the premise of Beccy McCray's project Like Fat Kid Love Cake. The results are beautiful and witty.

Icing a cake is a wonderful past time but if you’re strapped for minutes, then Mischer Traxler have developed a robot that will do it for you. Delicate, spirograph-like streams of icing make for the finest sponges around.

Purpose have condensed the aesthetic of some iconic cakes into lovely graphic prints. Battenburg is even more irresistible now!

Mary Ellen Johnson paints mouth watering hyperreal paintings, imbuing her cakes with a hint of soft focus and soft rock album covers. The oozing chocolate eclair verges on the pornographic.

Since Jason Fulford introduced us to the Donut Seed, life has been so much better. Nothing beats picking a donut as you leave the house for work in the morning.