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A Celebration of Flowers

Moving between 19th century ocean flowers and dismembered petals to frozen roses and jubilantly floral jigsaws, let Good Things remind you of the wonder of flowers

Pink English Roses, 2012
Pink English Roses, 2012 Photography by Mary Kocol

With their ability to cheer, heal and look splendid, flowers deserve to be honoured in this weeks Good things. It really is their time of year so let's thank them for making us smile.

Out of all the photo series of flowers that we have encountered, this one by Erwan Frotin still remains a favourite – possibly because we are also suckers for a gradient.

Fong Qi Wei takes the ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ pastime to a new level by 'exploding' flowers into pleasing, neat arrangements.

The reconfigured puzzles by Kent Rogowski are just the right amount of kitsch, displaying not only an incredible jigsaw skill but also the kind of colour palettes which will put a spring in your step.

Capturing the life and colour of flowers has long been a challenge for humans. Mary Kocol froze them and the results are incredible, like very refreshing hyper real paintings.

Ocean Flowers is a collection of 200 cyanotypes created by Anna Atkins in the 1800s. Made for research purposes, they also evoke the spirit of a sunny day.

Finally, next time you are sending some flowers, make sure you say what you mean with this handy guide to the language of flowers.