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The Art of Space

Good Things looks to arty side of space travel, from papier mâché spaceships to photographic reappropriation of the moon

Vintage UFO Chart
Vintage UFO Chart

If the world is not enough why not look further afield, look up! This week's Good Things rounds up great places to ogle distant galaxies without leaving your favourite chair.

Artist Damien Poulain had the enviable task of creating some spaceships to use in a music video, assisted by a bunch of kids. The results will take you back to sunday afternoon covering loo rolls in foil and glitter.

Moon Games is an ongoing series of photos where Laurent Lavender toys with perspective & our moon. The results are witty and charming, and fairly easy to replicate should you have the time.

A favourite space resource is the moon map collection, mainly for the brilliant colours. Like paint splatters.

As humans we will surely never tire of seeing our amazing home from outer space. With the invention of Google Earth, this has become a pastime we can enjoy on a daily basis, albeit in a slightly less magnificent setting. For professional results the European Space Agency has this archive of incredible shots.

We are yet to witness a UFO in real life, but when we do we will certainly have a print out of these useful guides.

If you would like to find out how many people are in space right now, simply click here, and for the weight conscious – here's a handy guide.