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A Day At The Beach

We are transported to the best of beaches with the latest Good Things

Miami Pink Umbrellas
Miami Pink Umbrellas © Gray Malin

It’s hot in the city this week so of course our minds turn to beaches. Oh, to be by the seaside with the water lapping at your toes. So in honour of our daydreams, this week's Good Things brings together the key elements for a fine day on the coast. 

Photographer Léo Caillard recorded the wondrous beach huts of Miami in all of their technicolour glory – a series of architectural parties, providing shelter and safety when the tides are high.

A day at the beach is not complete without an ice lolly, hot footing it over the scorching sand before the frozen blocks become a drink. Studio PUTPUT have created some delightful lollies, albeit with household cleaning implements.

It hasn’t been confirmed but we suspect Belinda Carlisle was singing Circles in the Sand to the artist Jim Denevan. He puts your beach art to shame with his gargantuan geometric drawings which fill the beach and make them even more beautiful.

Ditch your bucket because sandcastles have evolved. Calvin Seibert makes the best around, seemingly inspired by fantasy tales and Frank Gehry.

A towel, an umbrella, a good book and you’re all set for eight hours of baking. Gray Malin captures your beachside set up perfectly in his growing series La Plage.

The sun is a prerequisite for a successful day's beaching. Jeff Mclane's series of Solaroids feels like your favourite star shining through hot eyelids.