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Brilliant Breakfasts

To cheer this most gloomy of May mornings, this week's Good Things is a celebration of the most joyful breakfast options around

Yellow Breakfast, by Fabienne Plangger
Yellow Breakfast, by Fabienne Plangger © 2012–2014 Fabienne Plangger

According to Oscar Wilde, “only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.” Perhaps he had been to one too many breakfast meetings. Brilliant breakfasts, however, are another matter. This week we aim to bring you the finest start to the day.

David Sykes' ongoing project Comfort Food features a variety of caff classics. The knitted breakfast and 'light breakfast’ – made from balloons – are particularly wonderful.

Japanese artist Sayaka Minemura adds another dimension to her breakfasts, in the form of a smiley face. Her Breakfast Project can be viewed here, and will inspire you to apply that ketchup in a more meaningful manner.

Monochrome Breakfast is a project by Fabienne Plangger. It’s an incredibly organised, yet attractive, start to the day when making a cup of coffee is challenging enough.

For a perpetual sunrise, in aural form, Global Breakfast Radio plays breakfast shows from around the world, all day long. Just add toast and tea.