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Your Fruity Five A Day

Good Things finds the best fruit around to get you your five a day

Five a Day
Five a Day

A lovely big bunch of fruit is redolent of sunshine, holidays and good health. So in that spirit, for this week's Good Things we explore fruity goodness beyond the bowl in your kitchen. With their jolly shapes and colours, it's no surprise they are depicted in various ways across various genres. Here are your five portions for today.

To bring sunshine into any room why not try out one of these easy fruit D.I.Ys, from the excellent Mr Printables and Oh Happy Day. The balloons make us smile every time.

Way back for our first Good Things we celebrated brilliant bus stops, but these fruity numbers from Japan were saved until now. Found in the region of Nagasaki, there are 16 stops based on melons, strawberries and more. Waiting for a bus has never looked so good!

It’s not hard to understand why a lot of stylists make use of fruit in their work. The colours and shapes are ready made perfection. A few favourites include the work of Andre Britz, Florent Tanet and Sarah Illenberger.

Everyone needs a fruit book in their lives. Our favourite is Russian and tell the tale of a grumpy businessman lemon who quits his job, goes on a road trip and ends up at a big fruity party.

Bring the joy of fruit into your life even when it's not in season and there is snow on the ground. These delightful lamps are by S&O Design.