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The Curated Shelf: Jake and Dinos Chapman for Louis Vuitton

We consider the eclectic occupants of the Chapman brother's curated bookshelf for Louis Vuitton

The Curated Shelf by Jake and Dinos Chapman for Louis Vuitto
The Curated Shelf by Jake and Dinos Chapman for Louis Vuitto

The mind of the artist is an esoteric space, but every now and then a rare glimpse is granted into this hallowed realm. The Curated Shelf, in the library at Louis Vuitton Maison, does just this, inviting artists to curate a shelf space featuring books, monographs and other items that have inspired or influenced them. Launched in 2010, artists invited to take part have included Marc Quinn, Juergen Teller, Cindy Sherman and Peter Blake. The results are a mix of references, ranging from a guide to Easter Island (Marc Quinn), manga comics (Natsko Seki), James Joyce’s Ulysses (Peter Blake) and horror films (Cindy Sherman), all available to purchase.

For the latest iteration, Jake and Dinos Chapman have opted to fill the shelves with 100 digital cameras containing images the artists shot recently. Sealed in special boxes featuring the brothers’ commissioned print from the Men’s A/W13 Collection, owners of these cameras face a difficult dilemma: either destroy the boxes and develop the pictures, or leave the boxes intact as artworks and be content to speculate on what could be inside. Given the uncompromising and playful nature of the Chapmans’ work, perhaps this isn’t surprising. Sometimes it's important to keep things back...

To celebrate, AnOther invited key Another Man personalities to reveal who or what they would like to see in one of the cameras? Another Man editor Ben Cobb says, "A gang of fang-toothed marmosets hard at work in the Chapmans's studio" whilst senior Another Man contributing editor Tim Blanks would prefer to see "Kirlian photography". Alister Mackie, fashion director for Another Man requested, "Boy on boy action featuring Jake Bass and Harry Styles in Serge Gainsbourg's bath". Artist Michael Costiff says, "It would be interesting to see any bizarre situation that the Chapman Brothers have found themselves in during their foray in to the world of fashion. Of course, as creator of Kinky Gerlinky, I never tire of a good Drag Queen picture!"

Louis Vuitton men's style director Kim Jones says he'd prefer not to open his camera. "I like the way they look in their packaging."

Jake and Dinos Chapman's Curated Shelf is at Louis Vuitton, 17-20 New Bond Street, until September 23rd.

Text by Laura Allsop