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AnOther Times tumblr: Cover Stars

Continuing our series on the AnOther Times Tumblr, we reveal some of our favourite stars who have featured on the cover of AnOther and Another Man over the years.

Kate Moss, AnOther Magazine S/S04
Kate Moss, AnOther Magazine S/S04 Photography Craig McDean, Styling Tabitha Simmons

From ballet dancers in couture and Terry Richardson house parties, to close up beauty shots and the dreamlike art/fashion blend of Sarah Moon: the AnOther Times tumblr is a roll call of the many visions that have created stories for both AnOther Magazine and Another Man over the years. From fantastical to fetish, camp to classic, sensual to sublime, photographers and stylists have created extraordinary worlds that come alive within the pages.

And then there is the cover star, always an intriguing character from the cultural arena, and always shown in a way that they have never been seen before. Here, we reveal some of our favourite transformations and reconfigurations that have taken place. There is Pamela Anderson in 2002, still all bombshell, yet with supermodel poise; Kate Moss, that uniquely British icon, photographed in 2004 draped over the ultimate American landmark, the Hollywood sign; Winona Ryder, rehabilitated wild child, shown pared back and open; Tilda Swinton, a screen enigma, sculpture-like in a wild knot of magenta ribbon. For Another Man’s first issue, Joaquin Phoenix is slick in black Prada mohair, while for their eleventh, Keith Richards is shown with the customary jewels and hat, but with a less customary relaxed smile.

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