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Leading Photographers’ Snapshots of Nonchalant Cats

PhotoCat. is a new photo book comprising images depicting the aloof attitude unique to our feline friends

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Midcentury Kitty on the Red Chair, 2015Photography by Sue Abramson

As Sigmund Freud once said, “time spent with cats is never wasted”, a sentiment shared by Dutch photographer Sacha de Boer, who has edited a new photo book paying tribute to our feline friends. Simply titled PhotoCat., the edition features a wealth of cat-based images, contributed by the likes of Martin Parr and Elliot Ross, to name but a few.

Highlighting the animal’s leonine agility – many of the featured moggies are depicted in motion – PhotoCat. also documents the species’ unashamed nonchalance. Whether accusatorily peering through foliage, staring into space across a cluttered bedroom, or looking intimidatingly into the camera lens, the book proves to be an astute – and humorous – examination of the cat and its uniquely aloof character. 

PhotoCat is available now, published by Schilt Publishing, alongside an exhibition at Schilt Gallery, Amsterdam, until January 31, 2018.