Thank You Very Much, 2024
Design & Living“I Cry Every Time”: Josh Safdie on the Legacy of Comedian Andy Kaufman
Four Daughters
Design & LivingThis Film Is a Study of Family Love and Religious Extremism
John Galliano
Design & LivingHigh & Low: The Film Tracing John Galliano’s Spectacular Rise and Fall
SMQ_Photo credit James Stopforth
Design & LivingOccupied City: Steve McQueen Says His New Film “Fucks With Your Head”
Samsara, 2024
Design & LivingSamsara, a Transcendent Cinematic Experience Like No Other
Queendom, 2023
Design & LivingQueendom, a Fierce Documentary About a Queer Performance Artist in Russia
Meet Me in the Bathroom
Design & LivingMeet Me in the Bathroom: The Film Charting New York’s Indie Music Explosion
Make Me Famous documentary Edward Brezinski artist
Art & PhotographyThe Story of a Forgotten East Village Artist’s Ill-Fated Quest for Fame
Kevin Hegge, Tramps
Design & LivingTramps: Kevin Hegge’s “Anti-Nostalgic” Film About the New Romantics
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed Nan Goldin
Design & LivingThe Inside Story of the Blistering New Documentary About Nan Goldin
Dreaming Walls, 2023
Design & LivingThe Eerie Story of the Chelsea Hotel’s Last Bohemian Residents