Girlhood Studies

John Everett Millais, Ophelia 1851–2
Art & PhotographyGirlhood Studies: Who’s That Girl in the Painting?
Suspiria, 1977
Fashion & BeautyThe Fraught Relationship Between Girlhood and Ballet Shoes
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains, 1982
Fashion & BeautyWhy Kohl Eyeliner Endures as a Symbol of Teenage Rebellion
Badlands, 1973
Fashion & BeautyHow White Socks Became an Enduring Emblem of Girlhood
Der Fan, 1982
Design & LivingWho’s Afraid of the Teenage Fangirl?
Thirteen (2003)
Design & LivingHow Far Can Teenage Girls Author Their Own Stories?
Design & LivingIn Praise of the Low-Stakes Teen Girl Drama
Bully 2001 Larry Clark Bijou Phillips
Design & LivingWhy Do Sex and Murder Follow Girls to Florida?
Override#25 (Override), artist Anna Gaskell, Solom
Design & LivingHow Alice in Wonderland Became Visual Culture’s Proto-Teenage Girl
Honey and Ashes, 1996
Design & LivingWhy 90s Tunisian Cult Film Honey and Ashes Is Relevant to Us All
Girlhood Studies 6 Mustang
Design & LivingWhy Being in Self-Isolation Feels Like Being a Teenager Again