Kate Moss, Never Enough: AnOther Magazine A/W14

For A/W14, AnOther Magazine presents a unique, multi-faceted vision of fashion's ultimate muse, Kate Moss

There can never be enough Kate Moss. Everywhere she goes, she is engulfed in a clamour of noise, questions and demands. People want to see everything, know everything. They want her face, her cheekbones, her smile, her style. They want to get under the skin of the sphinx. She is fashion’s obsession, “our generation’s most significant fashion icon,” says AnOther’s editor-in-chief Jefferson Hack. “She changed the history of fashion by breaking the rules as a model, channelling the ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude of the noughties into a powerful signature stance of defiance…She did it without a script, without a plan, and seemingly without a care.”

This season, AnOther presents a quartet of covers showing four unique facets of Kate, seen through the eyes of some of the most creative partnerships working today. Kate the Warholian muse by Olivier Rizzo and Willy Vanderperre; Kate the film star by Collier Schorr and Katy England; a sensual, sun-dappled Kate by Alasdair McLellan and Alister Mackie; Kate the provocateur by Craig McDean and Rizzo. Each story is a metamorphosis – she dissolves and reforms under each new camera lens, the incarnation of the perfect collaboration between photographer, stylist and model.

Much has been made of trying to synthesise Kate's secret, of trying to apply a label to this magic quality and putting it in a bottle. That is not what these special issues of AnOther Magazine are about. “These stories are precisely about Kate Moss the fashion icon, not Kate Moss the person, who uses her intuition to interpret and bring to life in her unique way the vision of her collaborators,” says Hack. “This is why we can never get enough of Kate…she is beyond fashion.”

An exclusive digital cover, featuring Kate Moss and created in partnership with Burberry launches on anothermag.com tomorrow. The print edition of AnOther Magazine A/W14, is out now – buy it here.