AnOther Name to Know

Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm
Fashion & BeautyYouth To The People, the Plant-Powered Skincare Brand Helping the Planet
Arpa Perfume by Barnabé Fillion
Fashion & BeautyArpa, the Perfume Brand Evoking Memories through Synesthesia
Katya by Kate Iorga
Fashion & BeautyKatya, the New Hair Clip Line Serving 80s Nostalgia
Judy Turner Autumn/Winter 2022
Fashion & BeautyJudy Turner, the New York Brand Giving Knitwear a Glamorous Edge
Elena Velez Autumn/Winter 2022
Fashion & BeautyElena Velez, the Designer Embracing “Unglamorous” Americana Tropes
The Practice by Sara Armstrong
Fashion & BeautySara Armstrong, the Canadian Designer Who Swapped Sculpture for Fashion
Gerrit Jacob Autumn/Winter 2022
Fashion & BeautyGerrit Jacob, the Designer Celebrating German Working-Class Aesthetics
Fashion & BeautyCC-Steding, the Jewellery Studio Melding Fine Arts with Minimalist Punk
Fashion & BeautyHomework, Soothing Skincare Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine
THE SEATED QUEEN_please credit Kim
Fashion & BeautyThe Seated Queen, Bewitching Skincare That Works Magic While You Sleep
Fashion & BeautyParabola Works, the East London Clothing Brand Bringing Emotions to Life