AnOther Name to Know

Fashion & BeautyLASTFRAME, the Japanese Brand Making Must-Have Bags to Love Forever
HRH Autumn/Winter 2021
Fashion & BeautyHRH, the Fashion East Designer Making Fun, Oversized Hair Accessories
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Fashion & BeautyJawara Alleyne, the Designer Exploring the Mythology of Masculinity
Karoline Vitto fashion designer collection
Fashion & BeautyKaroline Vitto, the Designer Celebrating Fat Rolls and “Excesses of Flesh”
Ed Curtis Clifford Jago Art Attack
Fashion & BeautyEd Curtis, the Designer and Artist Making Off-Kilter Wearable Paintings
Saskia Lenaerts
Fashion & BeautyThe Designer Transforming Old Military Garments into Skin-Baring Shapes
Lorette Colé Duprat
Fashion & BeautyLorette Colé Duprat, the Designer Making Sensual, Utilitarian Jewellery
Hatton Labs Autumn/Winter 2020
Another ManHatton Labs, the Men’s Jewellery Brand Fusing Britishness With Pop Culture
Renaissance Renaissance
Fashion & BeautyEmerging Brand Renaissance Renaissance Is an Ode to Female-Led Ateliers
Fashion & BeautySantangelo, the New Jewellery Brand Inspired by Surfing and Ambient House
Fashion & BeautyThe Grotesque Archive Is the Vintage Shop Harnessing the Power of Depop