AnOther Name to Know

Helen Kirkum Collection 002: ‘Dystopia/Utopia’
Fashion & BeautyHelen Kirkum, the Designer Giving New Life to Waste Trainers
SS Daley
Another ManSS Daley, the Designer Redefining the Uniforms of Britain’s Elite
Fashion & BeautySBTRCT’s Solid Skincare is the Future of Beauty
WED Studio Autumn/Winter 2021
Fashion & BeautyWED Studio, the Emerging Brand Rewriting the Rules of Occasion Wear
Another ManBleue Burnham, the Sustainable Jewellery Designer Inspired by Nature
Selasi Ronan Mckenzie Nadine Ijewere
Fashion & BeautySelasi, the New Brand Celebrating the Diverse Beauty of Black Skin
Phoebe Cutler
Fashion & BeautyPhoebe Cutler, the Designer Making Jewellery Inspired by Victoriana
Thebe Magugu Autumn/Winter 2021
Fashion & BeautyThebe Magugu, the Designer Telling African Stories Through Fashion
Zohra Rahman
Fashion & BeautyZohra Rahman, the Pakistani Jewellery Designer Inspired by Her Heritage
Marie Lueder Browns Focus James Massiah
Another ManLueder, the Menswear Brand Addressing Mental Health Through Fashion
Jordan Dalah Autumn/Winter 2021
Fashion & BeautyThe Australian Designer Heralding Renaissance Fashion’s Renaissance