AnOther Name to Know

Never Be Cold by Ilana Blumberg
Fashion & BeautyIlana Blumberg, the Harry Styles-Approved Knitwear Designer
Hadari Spring/Summer 2023
Fashion & BeautyYoav Hadari, the Sarabande Scholar Obsessed by the Brain
Weinsanto Spring/Summer 2023
Fashion & BeautyWeinsanto, the Designer Bending the Conventions of Couture
olympia 2
Fashion & BeautyVasiliki, the Jewellery Studio Merging Sci-Fi and Ancient Mythology
Anne Isabella Autumn/Winter 2022
Fashion & BeautyAnne Isabella, the Berlin Designer Creating Trippy, Body-Conscious Clothes
Nécessaire by Randi Christiansen and Nick Axelrod
Fashion & BeautyNécessaire, the LA-Based Brand Making Body Care Chic
Olly Shinder CSM BA Graduate Collection
Fashion & BeautyOlly Shinder, the Designer Queering the Uniforms of Utility
Cinder by Joe Spurgeon
Fashion & BeautyJoe Spurgeon of The Horrors Is Designing Imperfect, Brutalist Jewellery
Erik Ellington
Fashion & BeautyErik Ellington, the Professional Skateboarder Designing Luxury Footwear
Olubiyi Thomas Spring/Summer 2023
Fashion & BeautyOlubiyi Thomas, the Designer Melding His Nigerian and Scottish Identities
Chloé Nardin Spring/Summer 2023 Aurore
Fashion & BeautyChloé Nardin, the Designer With a Tender Take On Men’s Sportswear