Lauren Perrin, the Designer Heralding the Return of Statement Tights

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5 Lauren Perrin New Collection
Lauren PerrinPhotography by Jurga Ramonaite, Styling by Lauren Perrin

Loved by Bella Hadid and Ib Kamara, the London-based designer tells AnOther about her namesake brand

  1. Who is it? Lauren Perrin is a French London-based designer, making statement tights and gloves
  2. Why do I want it? Pieces are printed with 1970s-inspired op art patterns, that feel just right for 2021 and beyond
  3. Where can I find it? Online at

Who is it? Lauren Perrin was born in Biarritz in the south-west of France. Now living in London, after a three-year stint in Paris studying menswear, Perrin debuted her first collection of tights and gloves at the beginning of 2020, after seeing a gap in the market during her time assisting stylists. “When I moved to London I didn’t speak a word of English,” she says. “Two weeks after I moved I started an internship at Dazedit was hard but worth it. After that, I went to Another Man, assisting Ellie Grace Cumming – now AnOther Magazine’s fashion director (menswear) – and I’ve been assisting now for about three years.” Noticing the staples that fashion editors kept in their kit and would frequently request, and taking inspiration from her own wardrobe “I never wear trousers. I love tights, I have a whole cupboard full,” adds the designer Lauren Perrin, the label, was born.

Beginning with just a small lookbook, Perrin sent this around to a small circle of stylists, so that they might request samples to shoot. Whilst it was a slow burn at the beginning, things picking up steam after Ib Kamara shot some gloves in AnOther’s Autumn/Winter 2020 issue. Now, her pieces have been seen on the pages of multiple fashion titles, and Bella Hadid is among her growing fanbase. “I sent Bella some pieces and she messaged me to say thank you. She is super, super lovely,” says the designer.

Why do I want it? Despite rising press attention, Perrin wants to keep her brand small and independent as possible. “It’s really important to me to keep prices as affordable as they can be,” she says, noting that this can sometimes be a challenge when producing everything herself in her London studio, with just a few elements of the making process outsourced. “But I want to keep everything made in the UK and sustainable, too.” Working with a super-strong, soft and thick jersey with a high stretch, pieces are durable and comfortable to wear and all her packaging is made from leftover fabrics from larger fashion brands.

Lauren Perrin’s signature designs are long evening style gloves and matching tights, printed with 1970s-inspired op-art patterns in monochromatic shades, or hues of brown yellow and red. They are reminiscent of the wallpaper on the set of Abigail’s Party and a touch Pierre Cardin all at the same time. But despite this, they feel just right for 2021 and beyond. To create such a distinctive aesthetic, her research process is mapped out almost entirely in her head. “I am so impatient that when I have an idea I need to make it right away,” she says. “I found some vintage buttons at a flea market recently, and it inspired me to make some pieces using them. If it’s not made in the same week, I need to move onto the next thing,” she says. With plans to produce dresses, in order to create head-to-toe printed lycra looks, the next thing can’t come fast enough.

Where can I find it? Online at

Hair: Sam Ashcroft. Make-up: Gina Parr. Models: Tom Goddard and Nicolas Colombies.