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A Portfolio of Portraits Celebrating London’s Communities

Presenting an exclusive Gareth McConnell portfolio for AnOther Magazine and FARFETCH, celebrating the relationships between kindred spirits

Created in collaboration with, and all clothing available from, FARFETCH.

Friends and families, lovers and couples, in work and in life: this portfolio of portraits celebrates the relationships between kindred spirits – like-minded souls. It draws on the diversity of, and intimacy between, London’s communities, the close-knit bonds and strength of character within them representing hope and optimism for the future. Powerfully personal, proudly creative, fashion is a catalyst – a means of self-expression and the communication of beliefs. These individuals are dressed in some of the most inspirational pieces from the Autumn/Winter 2020 season. Their universally shared empathies, ideals and goals are what bind them – and us.

Rachael Mallam, Aba Amoah, Naomi Smith, Khristen Craft and Tianna Arnold, co-founders of Justice for Black Lives (lead image)

“Community for me is about understanding, compromise and growth. It’s understanding who you’re around, compromising where people may not understand you and you may not understand them, and adjusting to their needs and wants. If you compromise you can go together.” Khristen Craft

Peter Dupont, model and founder of and his girlfriend Breanna Box, musician, actor and director

“I definitely blossomed in the rave scene when I was younger. I have my rave family and I kind of assumed everyone was like that but that definitely was not the case. I find community with creatives that I work with, that’s my community.” Breanna Box

Dayna Wilson, studio co-ordinator, Kyanisha Morgan, stylist, Conor Joseph, jewellery designer and Lily More, visual researcher; Kai-Isaiah Jamal, writer, poet, model and visibility activist

“[The community I grew up around was] very much African, Caribbean culture, juxtaposed with Britishness. Then, as I came into my queerness, I became part of a bigger community, creative communities, writing communities. But the one that I feel most represented by is probably the black queer community.” Kai-Isaiah Jamal

Armina Mangi, graduate, with her twin Aramish Mangi, model; Rei Nadal, filmmaker and artist and her friend Troy Fearn, casting director

“I feel like community is a home, it’s people who are there for you and who you can reach out to in times of need. When there’s a crisis, you know you can always depend on your community to take care of you.” Aramish Mangi

Lamisa Khan and Zeinab Saleh, members of the Muslim Sisterhood; Lucinda Chua, musician

“To me, community is about finding people who see you and understand you and get all the different sides of you; people who you feel like you can be your true self around.” Lucinda Chua

Faye Wei Wei, artist; Sorcha McConnell, student, and her friend Zayah Grant Sibley, student

“I grew up in a Chinese family and we had a very strong sense of our community. I would go to the Chinese school on Frith Street and I made a lot of amazing, sweet friends there. I learnt community from eating food from my own culture and hanging out in Soho Square, eating pastries from Chinatown.” Faye Wei Wei

Wolf Gillespie, student; Cam Portland, artist, and his girlfriend Mariah Precious, model

“Community is family. Close friends. Communication. Safety. Homeliness. Feeling loved.” Cam Portland and Mariah Precious

Finn Buchanan, model, and his friend Hannah Shakespeare, model; Gaika, artist

“I grew up in south London, in the Caribbean community there. The community around me now is that, still, and also what I build on, particularly as someone who is very much about empowering other people ... I think the most important part of my practice is to find and build community.” Gaika

Hair: Ryan Mitchell at Streeters using BUMBLE AND BUMBLE. Make-up: Mata Marielle at JAQ Management using MAC. Talent: Aba Amoah, Tianna Arnold, Khristen Craft, Rachael Mallam and Naomi Smith from Justice for Black Lives, Breanna Box at Elite and Peter Dupont at IMG, Kyanisha Morgan, Lily More, Conor Joseph and Dayna Wilson, Kai-Isaiah Jamal at EYC Ltd, Aramish Mangi at Tomorrow is Another Day and Armina Mangi, Troy Fearn and Rei Nadal, Zeinab Saleh and Lamisa Khan from the Muslim Sisterhood, Lucinda Chua, Faye Wei Wei, Sorcha McConnell and Zayah Grant-Sibley, Wolf Gillespie at Kate Moss Agency, Cam Portland and Mariah Precious at Wilhelmina, Finn Buchanan at the Squad and Hannah Shakespeare at Models1 and Gaika. Casting: Nicola Kast. Casting assistant: Julia Gilmour. Set design: Robbie Doig for Dragonfly Scenery. Manicure: Saffron Goddard at Saint Luke using Manicure Collection by DIOR and Handcream by MISS DIOR. Photographic assistants: Victor De Halleux and Jurrga Ramonaite. Styling assistants: Jordan Duddy, Isabella Kavanagh, Molly Shillingford and Gianmarco Rosati. Tailor: Paul Strotton. Seamstress: Gillian Ford. Hair assistants: Jazmin Lanyero, Marlon Hawkins and Rebecca O’Neill. Make-up assistants: Lauren McCormack, Marie Reitner and Melinda Grant. Manicure assistants: Braid Pain and Chiara Ballisai. Printing: Labyrinth. Production: North6. Post-production: Sorika.

Film and music: Zeynep Ağcabay. Film assistant: Devin Avery Grant.