Delicate Silver and Gold Jewellery in the Shape of Vegetables

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Anne MannsPhotography by Lea Wormsbach

Anne Manns’ whimsical yet grown-up work is inspired by the organic forms found in a vegetable garden

  1. Who is it? Anne Manns, a Berlin-based brand producing contemporary, sculptural jewellery inspired by organic forms
  2. Why do I want it? Distinctive and ethically produced pieces with an aesthetic that’s equal parts whimsy and grown-up elegance
  3. Where can I find it? On the Anne Manns website now and coming soon to brick-and-mortar stores in Europe

Who is it? “I had no clue about jewellery making at first,” laughs German designer Anne Manns, whose professional background is in womenswear. “But I always felt drawn to it, and now my namesake brand has been going for one and a half years. I work with a goldsmith at a studio in Berlin, with 3D-design software. This gives me the freedom to create everything that comes into my head, even if I cannot make it myself.”

Manns’ ideas have culminated in the production of delicate earrings, bracelets, ear-cuffs and necklaces made from gold and silver, with a distinctive and sculptural twist. Each piece, handcrafted in her Berlin-based studio, is equal parts whimsy and grown-up elegance, reminiscent of the work of Elsa Peretti or Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe; on closer inspection, the highly polished and ergonomic curves of Manns’ jewellery form the likeness of tiny vegetables.

“I grew up in a small village in Germany, and we had a vegetable garden and I would shell the peas with my grandparents on our terrace,” says Manns. “Now, I also live between here [Berlin] and the north of Italy, where my boyfriend is based. He also grows a lot of vegetables in his garden and I took such pleasure in the process of watching them grow. I thought it would be interesting to make wearable pieces inspired by this.” As such, Manns’ first collection, which debuted in 2016, was centered around the bulbousness of an aubergine. Her latest, launching in September this year, was influenced by the dainty pea pods she remembers from her childhood. 

Why do I want it? “I make things to look good both on the body as well as off the body,” explains Manns. “My pieces are like little wearable sculptures.” Additionally, the timeless and high quality finish to her work ensures that each design is suitable for everyday wear, a lifelong investment that would easily become a jewellery box staple. “You can buy my pieces online – I am taking pre-orders too for the next collection – and I have a few appointments next week in London about becoming stocked in stores, too.” 

With possible plans to expand into accessories design, Anne Manns is a brand to keep an eye on. “I’m taking it slow for the moment,” says its founder, describing a business ethos that is in keeping with a slow fashion mentality. “The production of my jewellery is key to me. I produce everything in Germany by hand and the people who produce it for me are paid a proper wage,” she continues. “It’s so important that it stays this way, no matter what the future holds.” 

Where can I find it? On the Anne Manns website (the new collection is available to pre-order) and coming soon to brick-and-mortar stores in Europe.