The Luxury Brand Producing Eco-Fashion as You’ve Never Seen it Before

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BITE Studios A/W18Photography by Suzanne Elvi, Styling by Rosa-Safiah Connell

BITE Studios was founded to “answer the increasing need for beautiful, luxury sustainable fashion” – and it is fulfilling its purpose with aplomb

  1. Who is it? London-based sustainable fashion brand BITE Studios
  2. Why do I want it? Ethically and ecologically sound contemporary separates, that don’t skimp on quality
  3. Where can I buy it? Online at BITE Studios, Fenwicks in London and at a pop-up space in Stockholm’s NK department store

Who is it? “The BITE woman is an international thinker,” says Elliot Atkinson, designer and creative director of the London-based brand, which was founded in 2015 by partners in life and business William Lundgren and Veronika Kant. “She is really engaged with arts and culture, but also with social and ecological matters. She is savvy and aware of the impact her choices have on the environment.”

In the clothes that Atkinson oversees creation of there is an air of sophistication not always associated with the term ‘eco-fashion’ – but today more than ever, emerging brands are recognising the importance of delivering a product that appeals not only politically, but aesthetically. BITE Studios is one such name leading the way, having launched two collections (S/S18 and A/W18, respectively) which bridge this gap. Each comprises contemporary, Scandi-inspired silhouettes that could slot into the wardrobe of any discerning ‘Philo-phile’, but are also ecologically and ethically sound.

“Everyone we hire is always paid the living wage,” continues Atkinson. “We work with a very small team of artisans so everything is of a really beautiful quality – it’s integral to what we do.” The process of selecting the materials that BITE uses in its manufacturing is meticulous too. “We tend to work with European suppliers so there’s very little transportation as well. In terms of sourcing, we are really intense and selective about our approach,” he says. “We only work with natural and organic fibres. Organic, because we think that is the best solution at the minute – it’s thinking about the larger picture, and also the human effects of working with cotton mills. Non-organic cotton creates so much death and illness in factories in India and Asia because of the toxic run-off entering soil and water supplies.”

Why do I want it? The A/W18 collection contains some stand-out pieces; including an oversized grey trench coat that could easily be thrown over a cream silk shirt and an A-line camel skirt for a 1980s does 1940s, eco-Lauren Bacall effect. Mannish tailoring also features heavily, in keeping with the current penchant for gargantuan proportions and boxy shoulder pads. “It’s not just a boring wardrobe, it’s forward-thinking,” says Atkinson. Surprisingly, price points are middling, ensuring that BITE remains accessible to a wide-ranging demographic. “We never want to be elitist. We’re popular in Scandinavia which is a very different market to the UK. I think everything’s slightly cheaper, but that middle market is huge, whereas that middle market doesn’t exist in the UK – it’s either really cheap or really expensive. So we negotiate between these two markets. But predominantly it’s just trying to avoid the elitism that is associated with sustainable choices.”

Currently stocked in Fenwicks, London and in a collaborative pop-up space with Gallery Andersson/Sandström in Stockholm’s NK department store, BITE Studios is an ever-expanding enterprise. The brand is acutely aware that to address the problem of excess and waste, the consumerist need to produce more and buy more must be quelled. “In the future, we are really keen to look into innovating seasonality – to develop a strong wardrobe offering for all year round, without having to constantly bring out new designs. So we are looking into solutions in terms of how we can offer that to our customer.”

Where can I find it? Online at the BITE Studios website, and at department stores Fenwicks in London and NK in Stockholm.