Ten Brilliant Newsletters You Really Must Sign Up To

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Xenn© Dafy Hagai, courtesy of Tappan

Hungry for new reading material? Check out the AnOther team's curated list of newsletter recommendations, and prepare to 'mark as unread' for the journey home

Long-gone are the days when an enthusiastic town-crier would deliver your news to you from the streets, crowned with an ostentatious hat and loudly flinging about a bronze bell, walking far and wide to tell local passers-by about the state of the world on any given day. The 21st century has us perpetually engaged, instead, reading about the news almost before events have taken place – and as Wifi spreads to the underground and beyond, utterly incapable of escaping it.

All the same, it’s reassuring to engage with the media in a more traditional way from time to time – be that a Sunday paper, or as is our mode of choice, in a weekly or fortnightly delivery to your inbox. In celebration of the latter, and as a follow-up to our previous recommendations, the AnOther team has collated a list of the very best in digital post. These are the publishers whose newsletter offerings will keep you informed, inspired, and flagging to go back to later. Enjoy!

Tappan Collective
One of the art industry’s greatest fallbacks is the strange aura of inaccessibility which surrounds it – an odd phenomena which makes organisations such as Tappan, which seeks to reinvent the art buying experience, all the more crucial. The collective allows want-to-be-buyers access to exceptional emerging artists – users can follow their progression and formulate a shopping list simultaneously. The newsletter is an extra-special delight: it places new artists alongside those you might already be familiar with, introducing readers to their various practices and finishing up with a conveniently placed ‘shop art’ button, allowing you to turn your admiration into direct support. Starting your own collection has never been easier.

Lenny Letter
It’s been just under a year since Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner founded Lenny Letter, a new breed of newsletter conceived as a community of written features on topics ranging from feminism and style to politics and friendship, and its twice-weekly appearance has become an eagerly anticipated ingredient in office conversation. Delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays – Tuesdays for creative writing, interviews and essays; Fridays for exclusive interviews with inspiring women – it’s a missive of intense and authentic female experience, and with subjects including the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Gloria Steinem and FLOTUS, it’s not one you can afford to miss.

Beauty Papers
“The world is full of relentless imagery of pseudo-glamour masquerading as beauty,” Beauty Papers’ ‘About’ section states, defiantly. “In reality this has nothing to do with ‘beauty’ – it is about conformity, brand and formula… We say liberate creative beauty, give beauty a brave new face. There is nothing more inspiring than beauty when the chains are taken off.” As might be expected, the digital little sister of the biannual print publication, founded by Maxine Leonard and Valerie Wickes, is as anarchic and proud as its predecessor – and its newsletter a failsafe resource for loud, powerful and indulgent visuals.

The School of Life
A global resource headquartered in London, The School of Life is, in its own words, “devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture” – an admirable pursuit if ever there was one. Its various manifestations appear in the form of films, books and actual tools, as well as in its bread and butter training service for businesses. The TSoL newsletter is dedicated more to mental sustenance, however, covering topics from ‘untranslatable words’ to neuroscience for beginners, and will ensure you're never stuck for conversation starters over the proverbial water-cooler.

The London Review of Books
There’s not a human being alive who couldn’t benefit from an extra dose of literature in their lives, and the newsletter from the London Review of Books provides a satisfyingly comprehensive injection of just that. Not sure what to read? Keen to see what’s just come out? Or just eager to peruse the ample archive of letters, podcasts and features? Step this way.

Alex Eagle
London-based store-owner and creative director Alex Eagle is less like her namesake species than she is a magpie, collecting up all that is beautiful in the worlds of high-end fashion, accessories, art and homewares, and sharing them with the world by way of her expertly curated store space. It follows, then, that her website's newsletter is similarly well-informed, sharing a elegant selection of objects, artworks and wearable pieces with her dedicated following of admirers. Those in the know treat it as a fantasy shopping list; with guidance like this, you can't go far wrong.

The W.W. Club
The W.W. Club, founded by LA-based Phoebe Lovatt, is something of a power hub for women around the world who do creative work – perhaps it’s the burgeoning (and bi-coastal) events programme, but the Club has a rare sense of community around it that many similar organisations strive for, yet few succeed in maintaining. Lovatt’s periodical emails are a treasure trove of tips, interviews and podcasts generated in collaboration with likeminded professionals, and often include the odd recommendation for your reading list, or hard-earned piece of advice.

Try as we might to fill our daily lives with nice things, from time to time we need a little help – which is where the likes of online magazine iGNANT come in. iGNANT is a dream destination for those in search of inspiration in the form of art, design, photography and architecture – and its newsletter sees each of those discipline condensed into easily digestible and aesthetically pleasing nuggets. Ideal for dreary days.

AnOther Daily
Many of life’s greatest vices are best enjoyed in small doses – sugar, say, or pleasures of the flesh – but when it comes to AnOthermag.com we’re firm believers that you should be able to partake every single day. Which is why we’ve created the AnOther Daily, a quotidian dose of the very best in fashion and beauty, art and photography and design and living. Sign up to stay abreast of the cultural calendar, and keep reading for gems such as Marc Jacobs' English Bull terrier Neville wearing platforms, or Mrs Prada's reflections on life and perfume. We're sure you won't regret it.