Ten Newsletters You Need To Subscribe To

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Courtesy of Idea Books
Courtesy of Idea Books

A list of our favourite newsletters, why we love them and why you will too

It takes a lot to make us look twice at a newsletter. Constantly faced with a flood of colleague demands, social media notifications and irresistible offers, our inboxes have become closely guarded havens. A newsletter has to be something special, because it really doesn’t take much to make us reach for the unsubscribe button. But thankfully there are some unicorns out there, some brilliant, considered creations that combine design, writing, imagery and wit into a compendium of content you want to read, buy, share, maybe even save for later. Because it’s so rare to come across a brilliant one, here we present AnOther's Top Ten Newsletters, celebrating the brands, magazines and websites that are actually getting it right.

IDEA Books
We are huge fans of IDEA Books, and their newsletter is just one of the many reasons why. Every week they unveil a new selection of Superbooks to their subscribers, alongside a book analysis and exclusive images. This is complemented by a brilliant Instagram triptych strategy. IDEA's retail home is at Dover Street Market, so if you're quick you can pick up the newsletter favourites in store. 

Known internationally for its wonderful plant-based, laboratory-made beauty products, the Australian cosmetics brand issues a monthly global newsletter featuring anything and everything from architecture, food, cinema, gardening, interviews and events happening across the world. Mirroring the company’s beautifully-curated branding and aesthetic, every newsletter nicely ends with an uplifting quote.

A filmmaker’s mecca, NOWNESS delights its subscribers with a new film every day. Exemplifying the site's concept of a creative community, the newsletters aim to inspire and engage the audience by delivering top-quality content and providing a space for members to share what they love.

Launched just a couple of years ago, Quartz has become a go-to website for business news. Their 800-words long daily newsletter is called The Daily Brief and is issued in three editions, addressing their three main markets – Americas, Asia and Europe & Africa. The look is extremely simple and the lack of images makes it easy to navigate. Short and sweet for a digestible daily intake of biz updates.

Artnet News
A leading platform for the international art market, Artnet’s monthly offer brings subscribers all they need to know about the latest auctions, becoming a prime reference point for those looking to invest in some art. While not for everyone’s pocket, the rest of us can still enjoy keeping up to date with the world of fine art and design through interesting features on artists, galleries, relevant art events and exhibitions.

The Talks
The Talks is the place to go to discover the inspiring stories of leading figures across all creative industries. From film directors to artists, fashion designers, celebrity chefs and sports people, sign up to their weekly newsletter for a dazzling insight into popular culture.

Business of Fashion
Divided into three sections – Today’s Must Read, Daily Digest and BoF Careers – Business of Fashion’s daily emails fill subscribers in with the latest news on fashion business and analysis, while their clear structure makes for a perfect, non-dispersive morning read.

The Gentlewoman
The Gentlewoman Club is a place for glamorous and intellectual women with great personality and fashion sense. Their occasional newsletters may include an invitation to some exciting event, and if you’re willing to share some information about yourself, you might even get a chance to be interviewed for the magazine.

If you sign up to their Footnotes, the team at Finery will make sure to keep you posted with all their new collections, as well as the latest fashion news. Exquisitely designed, just like their clothes, their newsletter offerings will treat you to exclusive discounts and expert shopping advice.

Obviously we're biased but we think our newsletter is great. It collates the best of the week’s fashion and culture news all in one place for you to enjoy, and is timed perfectly to battle mid-week ennui. Beautiful to look at, easy to digest, and if something catches your attention, you can read the full article at one click.