When Great Minds Met to Consider Another World

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Another World Event, NYCPhotography by Asha Efia

A group of creative luminaries converged in painter José Parlá's Brooklyn studio last week to imagine what a radical new epoch in publishing might look like...

New York-based artist José Parlá’s Brooklyn studio is something of a nucleus for creative thinking in the city’s art scene, melding topical conversation with colour and canvas to forge new paths in the medium. Last week, however, the lo-fi space played host to a rather different kind of brainstorm – one which united some of Dazed Media’s closest friends, collaborators and like-minds to reflect on the future of media for a dynamic new initiative: Another World.

Conversation flowed over an artful dinner, served in the midst of Parlá's ambitious abstract works, and cooked up by the innovative Ghetto Gastro. “We took reference from José’s style,” Jon Gray, one of the three founding partners of the culinary collective explains. “We said, ‘hey, let’s just make this a culinary art project!’ We thought it’d be cool to take José's calligraphy, and apply it to the plate, so we made some purées and some powders for him to do his thing with, and he used the plates as a canvas.”

The resulting spirals in vibrant colours made for a vivid backdrop to the dishes – curls of chargrilled squid on swirls of yellow and lilac. “We’re a collaborative group,” Gray continues. “Whenever we get the chance to jam with artists that we love, it’s just a pleasure to collaborate. Everybody had a good time.”

Input from brilliant minds including Michèle Lamy, Ferdinando Verderi, Anja Rubik, Craig McDean, Benn Northover, Chris Wallace, and Daniel Pinchbeck brings Dazed Media co-founder Jefferson Hack one step further in his quest of laying the foundations to this progressive new media project. As for the future of AnOther World? Watch this space.