Swing Out: In Praise of the Humble Hammock

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The NYT Book of Interior Design and Decoration, 1976© The New York Times

In the midst of winter, Supreme Interiors transports us to a happy place with a seating solution fit for a tropical paradise

The holidays are fast approaching: like every year they arrive far too quickly, and then bam! they're over, leaving most of us scratching our heads and wondering what just happened. This year I'm just not having it. Mentally I've checked out and have entered my happy place – dozing lazily in a hammock, cold beer in hand, the warm breeze of summer rustling the palm leaves overhead. There may, or may not, be a beach nearby. All of which explains why it's no surprise that I'm living for this week's Supreme Interiors' spread – the top ten vintage interiors showcasing the captivating and relaxing allure of the hammock.

From the lattice variety, strung nonchalantly between two supporting beams, with a divine stretch of white sand rolling gently into the distance behind it, to a conveniently placed strip of translucent netting suspended in a cosy corner of a luscious greenhouse, surrounded by undulating foliage, the hammock makes a fine case for sleeping where you land. If that happens to be on a tropical island, all the better.

From now until May I will be living vicariously through these photographss, placing myself in each room, and swaying oh so slightly while trying to forget the all too painful reality that Winter has yet to officially begin. 

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