The Sounds of Halloween

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Beetlejuice, 1988
Beetlejuice, 1988

From Talking Heads to Johnny Cash, consider this your essential soundtrack to the creepiest holiday of the year

Whether youʼre filling your trick or treat bags, putting on a party or carving out a pumpkin, there is no Halloween without a fittingly eerie soundtrack. To pimp up your festivities and put your costume to good use, weʼve created a discerning compilation of venomous tracks guaranteed to help you get your groove on.

From inevitable crowd-pleasers such as Michael Jacksonʼs Thriller and Rockwellʼs Somebodyʼs Watching Me to must-include movie themes like Ghostbusters and The Rocky Horror Picture Show and lesser obvious but equally haunting tunes from the likes of Kate Bush and Björk, weʼve made sure to include something for every taste. So if youʼre not a fan of Johnny Cashʼs spooky campfire ballads or can pass on Soft Cellʼs Goth ghoulishness, then you might want to crank up the volume as the Ramones get their turn. Of course we didnʼt forget Winona Ryder “shaking her body line” to Harry Belafonteʼs Jump in the Line in Beetlejuice, or Jimi Hendrix riffing Voodoo symbolism in his classic psychedelic blues Voodoo Child. Now that Halloween is near itʼs almost time to enjoy your treats, so break out those zombie dance moves and get ready for the mash, the monster mash!