The Books That Made Me: Cleo Wade

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Cleo Wade, 2015 © Cleo Wade
Cleo Wade, 2015© Cleo Wade

The artist and poet reveals her most influential reads, from Anaïs Nin to Bob Dylan

Cleo Wade is an innovative New York-based artist and poet, who aims to empower, inspire and celebrate femininity with her eclectic mixed-media works. Her latest project: Respect, is an emotive love letter to her native New Orleans, afixed on a giant billboard at the entrance of the city's French quarter. In 2016, she's set to publish a book of modern love poetry, and additionally launch a line of sustainable stationary with her all-female arts collective, Chez Conversations. Here, she reveals her top five favourite books of all time, just for AnOther...  

Chronicles: Volume One by Bob Dylan
"No one turns storytelling into poetry quite like Bob Dylan. He has this way of being able to turn everything inside out to make you see what’s really happening."

Frenchmen Desire Good Children by John Churchill Chase
"I love New Orleans more than anything. This book is the story of how every street in New Orleans got it's name. It is hilarious and wildly clever."

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 
"I read mostly children's books and poetry. The Little Prince is something I still read once a year for inspiration and soulful reminders."

The Essential Rumi
"I would say if I had to pick one book to take to a desert island, it would be a book of Rumi's Poetry. It is beautiful and timeless. His poetry really taught me how to love love."

Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin
"Anaïs doesn't just make sex sexy, she makes the entire universe sexy."